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@COM ACD Client Application Datasheet v1.3.4-03.pdf 170.4 KB
@COM ACD Wallboard Datasheet v1.3.4-03.pdf 214.33 KB
@COM Active Directory Synchronization Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 329.48 KB
@COM Automated Attendant (IVR) Datasheet v1.3.4-03.pdf 134.51 KB
@COM Automated Attendant.pdf 567.81 KB
@COM Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Datasheet v1.3.4-03.pdf 144.77 KB
@COM Automatic Call Distribution.pdf 670.33 KB
@COM Billing Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 1.14 MB
@COM Business Manager 5250N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 207.49 KB
@COM Business Manager 5300N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 323.38 KB
@COM Business Manager 5350N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 200.23 KB
@COM Business Manager 5400N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 323.81 KB
@COM Business Manager 5400N-v2 System Datasheet v1.3.5-02.pdf 107.54 KB
@COM Business Manager 5500N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 529.61 KB
@COM Business Manager 5600N System Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 98.78 KB
@COM Business Manager Local Management Tool Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 1.04 MB
@COM Flexwerken.pdf 713.8 KB
@COM Flexworking Datasheet v1.3.4-02.pdf 145.5 KB
@COM Global Address Book Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 409 KB
@COM Mobile Phone Integration Datasheet v1.3.4-02.pdf 149.61 KB
@COM Mobile Phone Integration.pdf 165.62 KB
@COM Multiple Location Support Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 2.53 MB
@COM Open Source Products v1.3.pdf 169.33 KB
@COM Personal Call Manager Datasheet v1.3.4-02.pdf 202.6 KB
@COM Presence Board Datasheet v1.3.4-02.pdf 165.15 KB
@COM Reporting Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 2.09 MB
@COM Voice Recording Datasheet v1.3.5-01.pdf 285.99 KB
@COM Voicemail System Datasheet v1.3.4-01.pdf 138.96 KB
CounterPath Bria for Outlook 2 0 Datasheet v2.0-01.pdf 278.14 KB
peterConnects Attendant for Asterisk Datasheet v7.2.pdf 68.37 KB
Snom 300 Datasheet v7.1.39-01.pdf 279.51 KB
Snom 320 Datasheet v7.1.39-01.pdf 299.72 KB
Snom 360 Datasheet v7.1.39-01.pdf 344.63 KB
Snom 370 Datasheet v7.1.39-01.pdf 323.26 KB
Snom m3 Datasheet v2.0.4-01.pdf 1.14 MB
35 files | 15.91 MB