Mobile Integration


Employees generally have access to both a landline and a mobile phone. This means it is not always easy to contact an employee directly. @COM Business Manager offers two ways of integrating the mobile phone into your landline network: @COM Mobile Phone Integration. In other words: the advantages of contactability under a single phone number!

Voice over WiFi
With Voice over WiFi, you can ensure that you are always contactable on one phone via your landline and mobile number. When you are out of the office, you can naturally be contacted on your mobile phone. When you arrive at the office, your mobile phone makes a connection via the secured WiFi network with your internal PBX switchboard. Once the connection has been made, the mobile phone sets up calls via your IP network. At the same time, your
mobile phone can also access many functions of your landline phone, thus saving you call costs and ensuring that you can always be contacted via the landline number!

GSM Mobility Extender
With the GSM Mobility Extender, a unique feature is added to your PBX: transfer to the mobile phone and connection to the switchboard with no extra rerouting costs.

Remote rerouting to GSM
With the GSM Mobility Extender, you can use your mobile phone to reroute calls from your landline or flex work phone to your mobile number. So if you forget to reroute calls from your landline to your mobile phone when you leave the office, you can do it later via your mobile phone.

Cheaper calls to GSM numbers with a GSM gateway with On-Net contract
Thanks to its attractive on-net tariffs (sometimes 0 cents/minute), a GSM gateway enables you to route your GSM calls very cheaply to your colleague’s GSM phones. This can result in substantial savings in your operational costs. In this system too, the mobile phone can naturally be used in combination with the GSM Mobility Extender function.

Advantages @COM Mobile
Phone Integration
• Greater contactability
• Always contactable on one phone number
• Phone functions on GSM: put on hold, take 2nd
call, switch, transfer
• Reroute with no extra costs
• Activate remote rerouting to GSM
• Lower costs from landline to mobile