@COM Private Server

@COM Cloud

Want the advantages of Cloud Telephony, but rather not be in the cloud?
That is an @COM Private Server Solution!

We offer the same software with the same functionality but then installed on a server that is managed by you. This server can be physically hosted in a datacenter, but may also be installed on your office location. Essentially you will have the well-known "Private Branch eXchange (PBX)" that many people are used to, but with all the advantages of a Voice over SIP solution. In contrast to @COM Cloud you will need to make sure to meet the requirements for running the @COM solution in your private cloud environment, this means you need to ensure you have;

  • vmWare ESXi virtualisation software (5.5 or higher)
  • Enough virtual resources available
  • High-quality network-connections between all VoIP components

If you are unsure you can meet these requirements then your @COM Reseller will be more than pleased to help you. And if you are a skilled administrator, please read our virtual server requirements page.