@COM Cloud Telephony

atcom-cloudCloud telephony is indispensable in the current market, everyone uses it somewhere. The @COM Business Manager helps you with this, with its comprehensive package of functionality at a low cost, it offers the best possible solution for companies of all sizes.

@COM Cloud telephony is usually provided in a Private Cloud environment, but is also available for the Public Cloud. The pros and cons of these different environments can be read here.

Besides all standard advantages of the @COM Cloud, @COM Cloud offer additional advantages such as;

Accessible everywhere
@COM Cloud solutions operate from datacenters where your @COM reseller is well known, and thus can offer the best support. The solution is often made redundant and can provide automated backups. Usually there is also an option to defer to other datacenters in case this is needed for whatever reason.

Because you @COM Reseller manages the full solution you do not have to manage anything, and special agreements can be made in which your @COM Reseller can guarantee your availability.

No maintenance costs
Most @COM Cloud solutions are maintained by the @COM reseller, meaning you do not need to invest in training and personnel in order to maintain the system. This relieves your organisation from these tasks and also you to focus on what you are good at. This doesn't only save you money, it also give you time to earn more!

One system for your whole company
@COM Hosted Cloud is scalable from just a couple, to over a thousand phones without the need to invest in bigger @COM systems. Also extra virtual resources can be increased without problems and this obviously also applies to decreasing resources (with the exception of disk-space). This means that you only pay for what you actually are using. Thus with @COM Cloud telephony you always pay the lowest price!

Full privacy
@COM Cloud systems are always individual virtual machines that are only used for your company. You're not sharing resources like with many other Cloud providers, this ensures that the functionality is not limited by shared resources. All sensitive information is securely transported over the Internet (HTTPS) and in case of a Private Cloud all your company locations are connected using secured IP-VPN connections ensuring that all calls are protected from prying eyes.