Call Center Client Application

 applications-users-acd-client.jpgThe @COM Call Center Client application gives Call Center Agents a real-time view of calls present in queues that they service. In addition it show information such as the current active call information and call history. Agents can easily logon, log off, and pause themselves. The "health" indicator gives an instant insight into the performance of the call center team. The application is web-based which allows it to be used on all devices with browsers.

The application offers the following information to agents:

  • Amount of logged on agents per queue and all queues
  • Amount of waiting caller per queue and all queues
  • Amount of total calls per queue and all queues
  • Average waiting time per queue and all queues
  • The Service Level (SLA) per queue and all queues
  • Detailed number information of the connected caller
  • Actual holding time of the connected caller
  • Call history of the last five calls