Snom 7xx accessoires

Snom has a large amount of available accessoires. These accessoires allow for more features for your Snom phones. Below is a list of all available Snom Accesoires;

Available accessoires:

phones-system-snomD7-keymodule.pngSnom D7 keymodule (not connectable; ETA Q1 2015)
This extra keymodule allows you to expand your Snom 7xx phone with an extra 18 self-labeling programmable keys. You can connect up to 3 modules allowing a total of 54 extra keys!.

                                                                     NB: Op de Snom 710 kan GEEN key module worden aangesloten!


phones-system-snom-boxen.jpgSnom microphone set for Snom meeting point
The Snom Microphoneset can easily connected to the Snom Meeting Point allowing for conferences to be taken place in even bigger rooms.


EHS Snom adapter
This adapter is specialy designed to allow "EHS-Ready" headset to be connected to Snom 3xx phones, allowing user to answer/disconnect calls via their headset.

WARNING: On Snom 300 phones the MAC address needs to start
                                                                   with 00041328XXXX.