@COM CTI Server


The @COM CTI Server is a web-server which assists the @COM Business Manager with the handling of large amounts of requests from client applications such as the @COM CTI Client. The @COM CTI Server relieves the @COM Business Manager in this way of this task letting it focus on it's primary function; handling phone calls.

The @COM CTI Server is offered as Microsoft Windows software and can be installed via a simple setup program on every Windows based operating system. The @COM CTI Server is sold separately and activated through licenses on the @COM Business Manager. Because it does not use the standard HTTP ports 80 and 443 it can be installed without any problems on almost any system, even those already running a web-service.  The @COM CTI Server can also be installed on a Linux web server (Apache) or any other web server supporting HTTPS. When performing an install on other servers one should keep in mind that extra time will be needed to install the software and no free support is available from TechNetworks BV.

Special Offer:
When you buy the @COM CTI Server an additional amount of 50 licenses for the @COM Call Button will currently be offered free of charge!