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@COM Products are focussed on providing telephony solutions for the business market. The most popular @COM product by far is the @COM Business Manager Telephony Server (PBX), about which most part of this website is all about.

The @COM development was started in 2004 by the company "Trends Telematics BV" which is now called "Trends ICT". It were the wishes of her customers that lead to the search for a solution that would allow Trends ICT to provide a more customised solution for her customers. Standard solutions provided by proprietary vendors didn't allow enough customisation, and discussing a custom solution built just for them was not a realistic option in terms of time span and costs. This was why plans were built to create a product that would fulfil her customers requirements, offer customisation whilst at the same time using a standardised solution.

The product was originally named the "TIP Server", short for "Trends Server IP", but was later changed to "@COM Business Manager". The product was found to be suitable for a variety of applications which today are still in use by most customers. The variety in the number of applications had led to several variants of the product, which is how the @COM product family was born. Today the @COM family offeres several standardised solutions such as off course the "@COM Business Manager" but also the "@COM System Alert", the "@COM Connect" (also known as "AsteriskConnect") and the "@COM Reporting Server."

In the different pages on this website we will explain in further detail all the features of our @COM solutions.atcom-globe.jpg