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The @COM development was started in 2004 by Trends Telematics BV in order to create custom solutions. This was desired by their customers which discovered that the standard solutions by propriatary vendors didn't allow customization with an acceptable time span and cost. The product was originally named the "TIP Server", short for "Trends Server IP", but this name was later changed to the "@COM Business Manager". The product was found to be suitable for a variety of applications which today are still in use by most cutomers. The variety in the number of applications had led to several customized versions of the product. Because different customized products are difficult to maintain, the @COM team divided them into four standardized communications solutions. The largest member of the family, "@ COM Business Manager" is mainly discussed on this website, however there are also other products like the "@COM Update Server", the "@COM System Alert" and the "@COM Report Server."

@COM Business Manager

The @COM Business Manager is a complete IP telephony system, installed on robust and specially developed for communication server platforms. It is a customized bundle of CentOS Linux, Asterisk open-source, SAP Crystal Reports, PostgreSQL and some other software components, enabling a high quality solution for every situation. All information of this product can be found on the other pages on this site.

@COM System Alert

This product is a fault reporting system developed especially for a company with 24/7 service organization. On the basis of self-configuring workflows and a link to their CRM package engineers are automatically alerted in case of faults reported by customers through this system. This is done initially done by sending a text message to the engineer who is on duty, but if the engineer does not respond within a preset time, the backup engineer wil also be informed by a SMS message. If even that engineer does not respond, then a whole group of engineers is called in the hope one will answer. Of all these actions are logged in an extensive log, so you can report on how your service team is performing.

@COM Report Manager

Based on SAP Crystal Reports this system can be attached to an @COM Business Manager in order to create more than the average amount of standard reports, or in order to create your own reports. The @COM Report Manager is the perfect solution for larger customers with Call Centers who need more reporting than an average customer needs. It offers the following features:

  • Faster because it runs on a separate server, so all the power is 100% available for reports
  • Reports can be obtained over a longer period. (History)
  • Webbased access to reports
  • Extensive scheduling can be done
  • You can create reports using SAP Crystal Reports XI Designer software itself
  • The database is accessible for yourself so that you can use (such as Excel) to create reports. Your own software solution

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