Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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Computer Telefonie Integratie (CTI) is an essential part of modern businessed,
it will extend your Business Intelligence software and improves your efficiency.
The @COM Business Manager provides in many CTI solutions using techniques that make most concepts become a reality, through standard software, but also custom solutions.

Standard CTI solutions

Below is a short overview of our standard CTI-solutions (Applications) available for the @COM Business Manager:

Call number from within any application on your PC

The most important phone configurations and features available on your desktop.

Logoff or Logon flexextensions automatically when you logon/logoff your PC.

Displays the ACD agent status, Queue info, Call History and lots more...

Display ACD Queue and Agent status on a big screen.

Web-based viewing and playback of call recordings.

Also take a look on the Application page

Custom solutions

Are the standard solutions not sufficiant for you?
Check our Custom Solutions .