support.jpgProviding support is an important factor to achieve customer satisfaction, which is why we have created this website. Via this website we want to enable visitors to find the answers to most of the questions they might have, and some more. We offer the obvious such as manuals, brochures, datasheets and release notes. But unlike many others we also allow open access to our issue-tracker,

Open and transparant

No product is perfect and there is usually something broken because we all make mistakes. The @COM products are no exception, but we differ from most others in that we don't hide our faults. We do so by showing  all the feature-requests, bug-reports and our development progress by opening up our issue-tracking system to everyone. No secrets, but open honesty and transparency for all. That's what we stand for!


@COM Hardware is fabricated using high quality materials made by some of the leading manufacturers in the world. But just in case the product does fail we offer a standard one year warranty on all hardware (except batteries).

@COM Software is offered in three categories:

  • @COM Closed-Source 
    Software built by ourselves and is closed source which we will fully maintain and support. A  one year warranty applies to this category.
  • Third-Party Closed-Source 
    Software build by third-parties which isn't open-source is fully supported by us. The actual warranty is provided by the third-party software manufacturer. 
  • Open-Source
    Open-source software such as Linux and Asterisk comes is fully supported by us, but comes with absolutely no warranty. This is because these products are developed and offered by third-parties which offer no warranties. However, due to the nature of open-source we are able to fix most of the issues ourselves and will always attempt to do so.

As as result @COM in general will receive a one year warranty, with the exception that we cannot offer real guarantees for the open-source parts of our solution.  

Services and support

The manufacturer of the @COM (TechNetworks BV) offers resellers third line support, and the reseller will support the customer first and second line support. Resellers are offered a "Service Level Agreement (SLA)" in order to provide more than just Best-Effort Support and extended warranty, and most of the resellers will offer customers a similar, or even better. If you are a customer please contact your reseller for more information, if your a reseller you can contact TechNetworks BV.