Issue-Tracking System

Every software solution has its problems, which is impossible to avoid if you also want to keep the solution affordable and up-to-date. The @COM Software is no exception to the rule, and we make no secret of that! We even give you access to our @COM Issue Tracker in which we show all known issues, as well as feature- and change-requests. We do this because we believe in the philosophy behind Open-Source software, and because we want to be open and transparent towards our customers and resellers. In this way, we hope that you gain more confidence in our product. After all, honesty is the best policy.

Please feel free to look around in our @COM Issue-Tracker. This system is continuously used by our developers to keep up with all issue, feature- and chenge-requests regarding @COM. But be warned, and don't be alarmed by the amount of bugs or reports that may seem very serious, because these usually concern issues that only occur in very specific cases. You would see something similar if you were allowed to look in the kitchen at for example; Apple, Microsoft, Phillips, or many other brands. And is there software any bad? No, off course not, which is why most @COM users do not even notice most of the issues reported in our @COM Issue-Tracker.

A footnote we need to add, is that all issues regarding the security of the system will not visible to you. These issues are not published online to prevent information about a potential vulnerabilities from falling into the wrong hands. We assume that you will understand our reasons for this.

Click here to go to the @COM Issue-Tracker.