@COM Call PopUp

 applications-users-call-popup-small.jpgThe @COM Call Pop-Up is part of the @COM CTI Client application and will display a pop-up on your Windows desktop when a call arrives for you or a person within your predefined call groups. This pop-up can be a small system-tray pop-up or a full screen popup that can be used on large LCD screens. In case of the full-screen pop up the screen will display a "gray" background for new inbound calls which will turn to "green" once the call is answered indicating to all people that the call was answered.


The @COM Call Pop-Up application requires the @COM CTI Server and per user license to function. This @COM CTI Server can easily be installed on any Windows based system or even on any web-server you might have within your organization. The @COM CTI Server is sold separately and is also licensed through the @COM Business Manager's license system.