Automated Attendant

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Being reachable by phone is essential these times for any organization.
But who answers calls in your organization? 
Maybe soon the Automated Attendant will!
This useful feature will allow your organisation to be reachable day and night with the best efficiency, just like your clients expect!

What is an Automated Attendant?

An Automated Attendant is an recording that will answer incoming calls and offers choices to the caller.
Almost everyone will recognize recordings like; "Welcome to our company, for sales press 1, for support press 2".
The automated attendant operates using a simple to construct menu structure and will increase the efficiency for as wel internal as external communication within the organization because it's always available, day in , day out. It will answer all calls and let callers transfer themselves to the correct department with ease, but it can also inform the caller about opening hours or product information.

In combination with the voicemail-feature you can also have caller leave messages for deparments or employees that are unavailable at the time. (For more information see the Voicemail Feature )


  • Better availability of your organization
  • Efficiency increasing
  • Increase productivity
  • Easy to maintain

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