@COM Call Button


The @COM Call Button is part of the @COM CTI Client and gives you the ability to dial any number that can be copied to you clipboard. Simply select the number you wish to dial and press a pre-programmed hot-key (Usually the PAUSE key.) after this you phone will be calling the number automatically.

The application is also capable of calling persons vai their mail addresses, so by selecting their mail addresses and pressing the hot-key the @COM Call Button will search for the correct phone number assigned to the mail address and dial it for you.
There is even a special filter installed allowing you to dial contacts from within the Microsoft Skype for Business application based on the same technique. Support for more generally used applications is upcoming, please enquire for more details.

The application uses a smart number recognition method that will convert nearly any number to a format suitable to be dialed on your phone. So whether the number look like "7420260", "0107420260", "+31 (10) 7420260", "0031107420260" or "+31 10 7420260" it really doesn't matter, the smart number recognition feature will convert it for you!

Web-based API

Would you like to create your own "call-buttons" for example to call from a website or within your own application?
You can! The @COM offers an integrated web-based APU allowing software developers to create their own solutions.
Click here for more information.