What is @COM?


The @COM products offers a number of telephony solutions created for the business market. @COM products are created by TechNetworks BV and can be bought via resellers.

There are several @COM products in existence today, and by far the most popular one is the "@COM Business Manager Telephony Server (PBX)". The @COM Business Manager is mainly what this website is all about, however there are also other products like the "@COM System Alert", the "@COM Connect" also known as "AsteriskConnect", and the "@COM Reporting Server.". We will give a short introduction in to each and everyone of these product below.

@COM Business Manager

The @COM Business Manager is a complete SIP based telephony system, installed on robust and specially developed for communication server platform, or on a vmWare guest system. It uses a customised bundle of CentOS Linux, Asterisk Open-Source, SAP Crystal Reports, PostgreSQL and some others smaller software components to build a high quality telephony solution nearly all businesses.

@COM Service Alert

The @COM Service Alert is a fault reporting system originally developed for a company that offered a world-wide 24/7 service to its customers. Customers would report incidents by calling this 24/7 ready service, which will then report the incident to the best available service engineer via SMS and/or a phone call. The best available service engineer is determined based on a predefined work-schedule, the customer who reported the incident, and the affected product. The primary engineer will first receive a text message via SMS with the request to confirm receiving the message via SMS or phone. If the engineer fails to do so within a predefined amount of time, the system will call the engineer and will request him/her to confirm receiving the message by pressing "1". If the primary engineer fails to confirm receiving the message, a backup engineer will be contacted via SMS and later on also via a phone call as happened with the primary engineer. Engineers will need to acknowledge receiving the the message to ensure that the incident reported has been actually read by a human and not an automated reply or answered by voicemail. If all attempts fail it will log this (among other actions) in a logbook with is presented to service managers, allowing them to maintain an overview of the performance of their service-team in terms of response-time. The customers, engineers, products and engineer-schedules can all be defined within the system or synchronised from a CRM/HRM system, making the system easier to maintain.

@COM Connect (AsteriskConnect)

The @COM Connect (also known as AsteriskConnect) is a standardised CSTA/XML CTI interface for nearly all Asterisk-Based telephony servers. The software was originally built to connect the PeterConnects Attendant Console to the @COM Business Manager in order to add PC Operator functionality to the @COM Business Manager. It soon became apparent that multiple other Asterisk based PBX system were also in need of a proper PC Operator Console, and thus it was decided to also offer this product to other consumers.

@COM Reporting Manager

Based on SAP Crystal Reports this system can be attached to an @COM Business Manager in order to create more than the average amount of standard reports, or in order to create your own reports. The @COM Report Manager is the perfect solution for larger customers with Call Centers who need more reporting than an average customer needs. It offers the following features:

  • Faster because it runs on a separate server, so all the power is 100% available for reports
  • Reports can be obtained over a longer period. (History)
  • Webbased access to reports
  • Extensive scheduling can be done
  • You can create reports using SAP Crystal Reports XI Designer software itself
  • The database is accessible for yourself so that you can use (such as Excel) to create reports. Your own software solution