@COM Features

All @COM products offer an extended range of features to fulfil your wishes.
Especially our @COM Business Manager offers a wide range of telephony features with additional networking features to allow stand-alone operation without dependencies to third party systems. An extensive range of telephony features in combination with various desktop and web-based applications will extend those features event further.
The ability to connect one of the many brands of SIP phones available in the market, allows the @COM Business Manager to fulfil your every need. And connectivity with many public telephony providers, means you are not committed to a specific provider. You have complete freedom of choice!

Require special solutions?
The @COM Business Manager is the answer to your questions!. It allows customisation within the standard software via the use of our so called "Custom Scripts", this means you can customise without touching any of the source code with the system. The same applies to CTI integrations, the @COM Macro-Engine within the @COM CTI Client allows connecting to nearly every CRM software on the market. This allows to you to enjoy the stability of a well tested standardised solution whilst still having the benefits of a custom solution.

Do you still require more that this? We can offer that too!
Via extensive customisation we can build you the software that complies with your specific demands. Examples of such are our @COM System Alert, the @COM CTI Server, the @COM Connect and the @COM Reporting Server.

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