Mitel 68xx series

phones-system-mitel68xx.pngMitel phones (previously named "Aastra") are of good quality and can be used with the @COM Business Manager like all other system phones we support from other manufacturers. The Mitel 6800 series is the successor of the famous 6700 series and through their experience the new models are now even more suitable for all personnel in your organisation. They are suitable for simple use just to make and receive calls, or extensive use such as operator purposes.

Supported Mitel 68xx phones

These Mitel 68xx phone are currently "Fully" supported

  • 6863i IP phone
  • 6865i IP phone
  • 6867i IP phone
  • 6869i IP phone


Feature matrix

Display 6863i 6865i 6867i 6869i
Resolution 4 lines graphical display
(128 x 48 pixels)
4 lines graphical display
(128 x 48 pixels)
Graphical display
(320 x 240 pixels)
Graphical display
(480 x 270 pixels)
Color Monochrome Monochrome Color Color
Backlight - Yes Yes Yes
Keys / LED's
Dedicated function keys 9 13 15 12
Programmable keys 3 keys
8 keys with LED 6 soft keys with LED
20 max. assignable
12 soft keys with LED
40 max. assignable
Optic call alert Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volume adjustment Volume keys Volume keys Volume keys Volume keys
Navigation element 4-ways navigator 4-ways navigator 4-ways navigator 4-ways navigator
Call handling 2 simultaneous 9 simultaneous 9 simultaneous 12 simultaneous
Phonebook Personal Personal Personal Personal
Call history Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Menu Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB support - - Yes Yes
Network ports (Mbps) 2x 10/100 2x 10/100/1000 2x 10/100/1000 2x 10/100/1000
Headset jack No Yes Yes Yes
EHS** (wireless headsets) No Yes Yes Yes
Keypad M680i No Yes (max. 3) Yes (max. 3) Yes (max. 3)
Keypad M685i No Yes (max. 1) Yes (max. 1) Yes (max. 1)

** EHS = Electronic Hook Switch (DHSG)

Since August 2014 the brand "Aastra" has been bought by Mitel", and the same applies to the product names.
Thus, you can encounter both brands on these phones, however they share the same techniques on the inside.