The Hague Colleges chooses IP-telephony via fiber optic network


That IP telephony for educational institutions is a particularly attractive alternative proves the choice of the Hague Colleges in The Hague. The Hague Colleges consists of six enterprising, independent schools. Each of the six schools were equipped with their own out-dated phone system, adverse effects such as high operational and management costs as a result. The Hague Colleges contacted the Trends ICT Group in 2009 with a quote request for an the integrated telecom infrastructure at the six schools.

Super fast fiber optic network

Trends ICT advised them to switch to VoIP using a centralized and Asterisk open source software based telephony system: The @COM Business Manager using  the advantage of the flexible online VoIP provider Onecentral. A big advantage is that the Hague Colleges are connected to the high-speed fiber optic network provided by GlasLokaal, which makes the number of IP possibilities virtually unlimited.

The obvious choice

Fons Bos, ICT manager of the Hague Colleges, explains: 'We used the fiber network for all data purposes. The @COM Business Manager and OneCentral allowed us to use the power of the GlasLokaal fiber optic network. Thus, the choice was obvious. Currently we have one of the sites, the "Hofstad Lyceum", already smoothly connected to the centralized @COM telephony server. The next locations will follow shortly".


The benefits for the Hague Colleges are numerous: significantly lower operating costs, only one (data) network is necessary, simple and efficient management/maintenance and optimal flexibility. Frans Box: 'Everything is actually possible, easy to install and integrate into existing IT and telecom environments. Furthermore, there is always room for growth, private developments and changes. Ideal for The Hague Colleges. "