@COM CTI Client


The @COM CTI Client is a Microsoft Windows based application which brings functionality from the phone-system to your desktop. In this application multiple features of the @COM Business Manager are incorporated;

For a more elaborate description about the functionalities please click on in the left-hand side navigation bar on the appropriate functionality. This application can be downloaded straight from the @COM Business Manager from version SMR.13.1835-006 and feature availability depends on the licenses assigned to the users with the @COM Business Manager itself.

New features on the roadmap

We have several other features for this application planned on our roadmap, some of them are;

  • Integration of the @COM Single Sign On application
  • Integration of the @COM Personal Call Manager web-application
  • @COM Call Me (Allows you to call from any phone with your own Caller ID
  • @COM Call Pickup (Allows you to pickup calls by clicking on the notification of the @COM Call Pop-Up

Note: This application replaces the "@COM Call Button" application because its features have been integrated into this application.