Service and warranty

Service and warranty on @COM products are first of all achieved by our strive towards high quality for software and hardware. Secondly, we offer the usual support via our website. Our resellers are able to provide end-users with additional service and support, for this we provide them with extended support via certification, training, documentation, phone support and automated e-mail & web-support.


@COM products are made of high quality materials and thouroughly tested software. All products are tested using a so called "Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)" to check for any kind of faults before they are being release. This applies for the hardware as well as the software. To maintain this high level of quality control we certify all our @COM resellers in a special training program. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our quality control we would very much like to hear about this via our online contactform.


If nevertheless a product might fail afterall, the product hardware is covered by a 1 year factory warranty. For the software warranty is only available for all the closed-source parts of the product, since open-source software never comes with any warranty. To obtian the best service possible we advise end-users to request a Service Level Agreement with their reseller. 

Service en ondersteuning

Service and support is available via our resellers, these offer end-users the possibility for a "Service Level Agreement (SLA)" on as well the "open-source" as "closed-source" versions of @COM products. The conditions en guarantees on a "closed-source" product are better then with "open-source" products. The most important reason for this is that "closed-source" products are standarized and therefor identical to the same product at another end-customers, this will speed up and simplify the service on the product a lot. Please ask you reseller for more information about their "Service Level Agreements (SLA)".

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