Release notes

On this page you will find information about the most important changes in the software of the @COM Business Manager. For a full overview of all changed please review the changelog at .

You can also download an overview of all changes in the latest software releases in the SMR documents via this link here.
You will download the so called SMR notes ("Software Maintenance Release document").

However for your convienience we have created an short overview of the major changes here:

Changes in SMR.1.3.1835

  • New AsteriskConnect v3 (@COM Connect) for better support of the peterConnects Attendant
  • Full support for the Snom 7xx phones
  • Full support for the Aastra/Mitel 68xx phones
  • Full support for the OpenStage phones
  • New integrated @COM Voice Recording application
  • New integrated @COM Call-Button application
  • API for third-party connections using JSON/RPC web-services
  • Integrated S.M.A.R.T. disk checks in combination with the System Monitor feature
  • Automatic backup to FTP, FTPS of SFTP servers
  • CDR-Records are visible within the LMT for better tracing functionality 
  • Support for the new @COM5350N hardware
  • Support for the new @COM5400N-v2 hardware
  • Support for the new LSi 9750i SATA RAID controllers
  • Improved gespreksrapportages
  • Improved informational messages on the displays of Snom 360 and Snom 370 phones
  • Possibiliy to repprt a location and/or department for better PeterConnects Attendant support
  • Multiple Presence-boards can now be defined per system
  • Support for more Internet Telephony Providers (like VodaFone)
  • Automatic network tracing is done when network errors are detected
  • HTTPS support for all web-based applications
  • Many bugs resolved 

Changes in SMR.1.3.1448

  • Caller ID Update in LCD screen of supported phones after attended transfer
  • System monitoring of hardware and most important services
  • External phone (mobile) twinning/paring using virtual extensions with call-forward
  • Interactive menus on most fully supported phones
  • Support for the @COM5600N hardware platform
  • Automatic backup functionality
  • Automatic update functionality
  • Service logbook and system remarks popup screen added
  • SIP Flood protection in IDS (To prevent Denial of Service during SIP brute-force attacks)
  • Extra huntgroup types for call-waiting and cyclic with memory
  • Calendar-based/Time-based outbound call-routing (LCR)
  • Calendar-based/Time-based blocking of all outbound calls (System Lock feature)
  • Calendar-based/Time-based  announcements over the intercom of supported phones
  • Global Redial on Busy support (not only Snom phones)
  • ACD Queue names can be changed
  • SIP Trunks with "IP authentication" are now supported (KPN VoIP connect, UPC)
  • By default the new ACD Wallboard is now opened from the LMT menu
    Note: The simplified "old" ACD Wallboard is still available.
  • Extra security improvements
  • Route point management for peterConnects Attendants
  • Several extra functions added for CTI (web services based integration)
  • Newer Asterisk Release for improved stability (1.4.42)


Changes in SMR.1.3.1312

  • Better support for peterConnects Attendant in LMT
  • Support for SIP trunks that do not allow inbound call authentication
  • Full-support for Aastra 67xx phones
  • Multiple language support on fully-supported phones (Currently only Dutch and English)
  • Extension states DND & Call-forwarding are now visible on the phone displays of fully supported phones
  • Call Completion for Snom phones (Callback on Busy Subscriber CCBS)
  • Agent states visible in new ACD Wallboard
  • Threshold-management in new ACD Wallboard
  • LDAP phonebook results are now sorted correctly
  • Newer Asterisk Release for improved stability (1.4.41)
  • Many bugs resolved


Changes in SMR.1.3.1204

  • Multiple security enhancements to prevent VoIP abuse
  • Support for @COM5250N and @COM5400N hardware platforms
  • Support for Snom version 8 phones
  • Advanced T.38 support
  • New ACD Wallboard
  • New CDR and ACD reporting filter options
  • TFTP Management menu added
  • View @COM Connect Statistics
  • Use original CLIP on forwarded calls via PBX type SIP trunks
  • Display trunk status in LMT
  • Option to disable missed calls counter on Snom phones
  • Mouse-over effect in CDL list within LMT
  • Better debugging options
  • Many bugs resolved



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