Why @COM

Why should you choose an @COM Business Manager?
We'll give you 10 reasons;

1. Lesser management

With the user-friendly management of @COM Business Manager you can manage the platform remotely or on-site, without having to call any external help. Administrators can use a COM @Web Management interface for changing functions like for example call routing, extension management, voicemail, e-mail, network and much more.

2. Lower traffic charges

With the @COM Business Manager you can send and receive voice traffic over the Internet or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) significantly reducing the use of public telephony networks. The cost of calls between offices can be reduced to almost zero and the use of SIP Providers offers you the opportunity to make phone calls at much lower rates.

3. A telephony solution for multiple business locations or departments 

With @COM Business Manager systems installed on multiple sites, you can use the integrated 'dialing plan allowing caller to be automatically routed to the appropriate person or group throughout the whole organization. All locations will virtually behave as one big company!

4. Integration with your CRM 

The @COM Business Manager provides seamless connectivity to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through flexible tailor made software, the special API interface or through standard integrated applications like the @COM Personal Call Manager, @COM Call Button and the @COM Call Center Agent application. All of which make you work more easy and enjoyable.

5. Virtually unrestricted expandability

Each system is equipped with standard telephony features. But it is expandable with options for voice mail, automated attendant menus with almost unlimited menu levels, automatic call distribution (ACD) and call registration. You can start with a small system but easily upgrade a larger system without having to worry too much aboit maximum system limits, because upgrading to a larger platform is very easily done.

6. All company sizes 

The products of the @COM family can be implemented in companies and institutions of all sizes. Multiple systems can be interconnected via an IP network, so it does not matter whether the systems on the network are in one location, in a campus environment or at multiple locations across the world. VoIP technology connect all of them together in a way never seen before. The @COM Business Manager is therefor an economical and highly accessible entry system that can be easily expanded.

7. Always up-to-date

The development of the @COM Business Manager doesn't stop and updates are regularly available. These updates do not only resolve faults on the system, but also add new features. You can easily keep your system up-to-date adn as a result be equipped with the latest feature in the field of IP telephony.
8. Measure call operations using the reporting functions 

Full individual and collective view of all call data using the powerful built-in SAP Crystal Reports reporting engine.
9. Working from home 

Connect to the company's telephony system from the home office using the Internet and have office calls come in to your home.
Or simply install a soft-client on your smart-phone/laptop and be connected while your travelling.
10. Always right solution using custom-scipts 

Your special requests are almost always feasible without creating special custom software.
The @COM Business Manager offers special so called "custom-scripts" to allow custom programming in a standard solution.

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